Happy Father’s Day!

Rosie Loves Local – Pick of the Month– Spring Bounty is starting! My favourite time of year! Fiddle Heads, Asparagus and Rhubarb are ripe for the feasting. Pick up your favourites fresh produce and meat at O’Bees Food Market in Alderney Landing or Local Source on Agricola Street!

Shameless Plug of the Month: Saturday, June 4th – Cole Harbour Fibre Frolic – 11 am to 3pm. Sheep shearing, a colourful fibre market, and demonstrations. Try out a new craft, talk to fibre artisans, meet the sheep and find the right materials for your next creation. Fun, family-friendly event at the Cole Harbour Farm! Free Parking and Free Admission. For more info visit

Real Estate Update – You may have heard or read that the market is slowing down in general – while I would say that is somewhat the case for properties over $500k in the local market, it’s still very competitive for properties under $500k, with multiple offers still the norm. We are definitely seeing a shift, though many properties are still selling considerably over the list price and there do seem to be many buyers looking for homes with a comparatively low number of listings on the market. This market is being described as “dynamic” and very “area specific” – if you’d like to have a chat about what that means or would like help navigating the real estate road ahead, please get in touch. I’d be happy to help.

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